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Process Id: 1804
Command: "C:\program files\service-x86\service-x86-bg.exe" /createbg
Object Id: %ProgramFiles%\service-x86\service-x86-bg.exe
Product Id: service-x86-bg.exe
Name: service-x86 exe
Supplier: Corporate Inc
Product name: service-x86
Product version:
File size: 1490432
Short hash: F0D2CD25F1B01EDFB53B2095F9576107EC62D6BB
Version hash: 7300708E5F64C110BEDFB7010A664213FB6BD0ED

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Malicious processes

This process version is reported to be malicious.

Run an anti-malware scan or try to disable it manually (right-click the Windows Start button > Task Manager > select the 'Startup' tab > select the process > click 'Disable' > reboot your computer).


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